If you are interested in advertising on this website, please contact the editor. Our rates are extremely competitive.

These are the two types of adverts we currently offer. We can make the ads for you if you wish. If you require a form of advertising different from those shown below, please get in touch.


The Button

(120 x 90)

This ad appears in the header of every page. It’s a tasteful and eye-catching way to promote your product or service.

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You can purchase time (ie. one month) in this position, but you cannot pay per click.


The Blockbuster

(300 x 600)

This ad appears in the sidebar of whichever posts and pages you choose. For example, you can opt to have it shown only on posts about Blue Nights or only on the Videos page.

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With this type of ad, you pay for the amount of clicks you receive over an agreed period. You can set a spending limit if you wish.